We’re kicking off our newest series of Greatist tips. Every Thursday we’ll be sharing beginner-friendly recipes that introduce you to selecting and preparing stress-free healthy and delicious meals. This week we’re checking out spinach (high in vitamin A, calcium, and iron) and kale (rich in vitamins A, K, and C).

When selecting either, look for the gorgeous green stuff and avoid wilted or yellow leaves. And wash very thoroughly before cooking or eating to avoid unwanted bacteria. Still fearful of icky E. coli? Cooking for four minutes will kill it off. But avoid cooking it in too much water, which can leach vitamins from the veggies. Sauté in just a drizzle of olive oil instead.

The Takeaway: Cook up greens like spinach and kale for upped vitamin intake. Wash them well to get rid of bacteria and stay away from boiling.

Hearty Greens With Garlic

Text: Double up on superfoods (garlic’s one, too) with this easy introduction to leafy greens.

Fun Fact:

Brassica vegetables, like kale, get their bitter flavor from the same compounds that make them healthy. Remember that next time you consider turning your nose up!