Photo by Casey O’Hanlon

Pretty flowers and ripe, red, homegrown tomatoes aren’t the only reasons to get down in the dirt and do some gardening. Studies have shown gardening is associated with improved mood, reduced stress, and a more positive outlook on life.

Whether study subjects were diagnosed with depression or just a little too stressed, gardening was beneficial. One study monitoring cortisol (the stress hormone) levels showed that gardening in the sunshine lowered stress more than cuddling up indoors with a book. And if that’s not enough, other studies show gardeners consume more nutritious fruits and veggies than non-gardeners.

The Takeaway: Try cultivating your green thumb this spring, even if it’s just a small window-box or patch of yard.

No Green Thumb?

Digging in the dirt not your thing? Try sitting back and daydreaming to promote creativity.

Fun Fact

The WhiteHouseGarden grows six types of lettuce and five types of cucumbers.