Dining Hall Buffet_sqPhoto by Lisa Goulet

The mere sight of food in abundance makes our mouths water for more — regardless of whether we’re hungry. Keeping a nearby buffet out of sight can help prevent us from shoveling seconds, thirds, and fourths down our throats. Next time you’re around an endless supply of food, face away from it. Before getting up for seconds, try popping in a piece of sugar-free gum while the brain is processing your feelings of fullness. Don’t be surprised if, suddenly, you feel satiated!

Takeaway: Combat unnecessary cravings by facing away from the buffet.

Do It Today: Pay attention to how the food you’re eating tastes during your next meal. This’ll help slow you down and savor fewer bites.


Smaller plates help us eat less, too!

Hunger Games

Why do we eat when we’re not hungry?