Face it: Life throws us lemons sometimes. So make lemonade — or insect repellant and hair dye — with these surefire tips for staying optimistic in just about every situation.

  • Take control. We feel more optimistic about situations we influence, so don’t be afraid to assert yourself, even in a group setting. Feeling down about dinner options? Chances are everyone will feel a whole lot better if you bite the bullet and make the decision.
  • Smile! Research shows the simple act of smiling is enough to boost mood.
  • Get rid of the green. Jealousy doesn’t do anyone any favors.
  • Focus on the positive, anddon’t be afraid to laugh off the negative.

Read on for more tips for staying optimistic.

The Takeaway: Assert yourself and keep things in perspective to stay optimistic in any situation.

Get Sh!t Done!

Staying positive is key to increasing productivity.

Battle Pessimism

Feeling blue? Technology can make it easier than ever to keep on the sunny side.