Here at Greatist, we believe in taking a day off. Instead of our regular programming Saturdays, our writers get a chance to write about living the greatist lifestyle and, basically, whatever they want. This is one of those awesome articles. Enjoy!

Everyone has a guilty pleasure, be it downing a pint of Ben and Jerry’s or reading the Twilight series. My guilty pleasure, or should I say pleasures, comes in the form of housewives, cooking competitions, and an occasional flip out. I’m talking about the simple pleasure of curling on the couch and watching Bravo TV.

My mom calls this junk TV, and tells me I should do better things with my spare time. Maybe she’s right. Maybe this type of television isn’t super productive. But I don’t think it’s bad for me. In fact, I think Bravo helps me maintain the Greatist lifestyle. So pay attention folks, especially you Mom. Here’s how Andy Cohen and his cohorts keep me fit, happy, and healthy.

Many may wonder how sitting on my butt makes me fit. Well, aside from the obvious weight training of lifting the remote control, watching Thintervention with Jackie Warner motivates me to get that butt to the gym (once the episode ends, of course). Watching people struggle with and ultimately win the weight loss battle makes me realize there really are no excuses for living unhealthily.

But just in case I have trouble staying motivated at the gym, I have my Real Housewives to keep me company. Watching all their drama makes me forget about my shin splints and even makes me run longer.There’s no way I’m getting off the treadmill until I see Teresa flip a table or two. Not to mention seeing those “skinny bitches” go through plastic surgery every week motivates me to look fit the natural way– through interval training obviously.

Speaking of skinny bitches, or rather skinny girls, Bethenny Frankel has changed the game of women’s health. Through her books (Naturally Thin and Skinnygirl Dish) and television show, Bethenny teaches women, and even men, how to eat well without depriving themselves of the food they crave. Thanks to Bethenny I no longer have to forge margaritas on Mexican night. Cheers to that!

Even the Top Chef contestants have taught me a thing or two. Granted, I still can’t make a soufflé (and truth be told, neither can most of them) but I can cook some delicious meals thanks to the techniques I learned through the show.No more take-out for this post-college chick! I even learned how to cook healthier dishes thanks to some of the elimination challenges. Apparently it is possible to make a low-calorie, yet flavorful pizza. Who would’ve thought?

And who would’ve thought an OCD designer could bring so much happiness to my life? The Flipping Out cast keep me laughing out loud (seriously, you can ask my roommates) every episode. The banter between the sarcastic Jeff Lewis and his Hispanic housekeeper Zoila makes me wish I could work with this crazy mastermind. Note to Jeff Lewis: If you ever need a writer, give me a tweet.

So Mom, because I know you’re still reading this, I think I’ve won this mother-daughter argument. Rather than teaching viewers how to analyze a crime scene or how to dance with stars. Bravo, despite its drama heavy content, can help people maintain a fitter, healthier, and happier life. Now if only it could make us wealthier…