This past Sunday, Team Greatist traded in Warrior Pose for Warrior Fitness Boot Camp, an NYC-based training facility designed to help just about anyone work out like a Marine. Excited about tapping into our inner soldiers, we were immediately outranked by class veterans dressed in matching Warrior Fitness attire and chatting about breaking personal bests on the obstacle course located front and center. But socializing soon gave way to sweat as our three instructors— all Marine Corps Veterans— got us hustling with a few brisk laps around their indoor track.

After a quick stretch (especially helpful for those of us with tight hammies), we immediately plunged into some rigorous calisthenics: jumping jacks super-setted with pushups and mountain climbers, each rep loudly counted out by the class. Next came a rapid combination of stairs, team-based core work, and, of course, an obstacle course complete with monkey bars, six-foot walls, hurdles, and just a teensy bit of crawling to drive home that boot camp feel.

Despite the intensity, the hour-long session flew by as the Warrior Fitness instructors expertly combined in-your-face attitude with well-timed encouragement, ensuring everyone felt they were a part of one unit bound in the quest for fitness. Some Greatists swore they’d be back in no time at all, while others also expressed their enthusiasm for another go— but only after some well-earned leave.

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