This weekend, Team Greatist headed to Cranberry Lake Preserve in West Harrison, New York. Located about an hour’s drive north of New York City (not counting the time spent getting lost in traffic circles), the 190-acre park boasts several miles of gorgeous hiking trails with the scenery (and, luckily, weather) to match. And while the park takes its name from a four-acre cranberry lake, the Team wasn’t able to find a single antioxidant-packed berry, despite its best efforts. But the park’s beautiful views more than made up for the lack of its namesake berry. (Witness its full glory here.) The excursion started off innocently enough for us city slickers, and the Team’s chosen attire ranged from the functional sweatpants-sneakers combo (yours truly) to the more aesthetically driven cowboy boots and pre-faded jeans (for some reason, Derek thought it important to mention he bought the boots in Texas). The wet conditions made for a few stretches of muddy trail, but overall we avoided any major wipeouts. The hike’s highlight was an ascent to the top of the park’s early 20th-century rock quarry, and though it was no Everest, the views from the summit were breathtaking on a cool fall day. After stopping for a quick snack, we circled back down the trails in the hopes of finally catching a glimpse of some local wildlife. Deer, raccoons, and honey badgers were nowhere to be found, but the park did offer plenty of chipmunks and yellow jackets for our viewing pleasure. Operated by the Westchester Parks Department, Cranberry Lake Preserve is open to the public year-round and offers a variety of programs and events for visitors of all ages.