Here at Greatist, we believe in taking a day off. Instead of our regular programming Saturdays, our writers get a chance to write about living the greatist lifestyle and, basically, whatever they want. This is one of those awesome articles. Enjoy!

My Fitness Bucket List (Updated)

MTV can be inspirational. Seriously, I need to know what double-sided tape JWOWW uses. But all kidding aside, inspired by the network’s The Buried Life I wrote a fitness bucket list a little over a year ago. A lot has changed since then and I’ve been able to experience more fitness opportunities beyond my wildest dreams (I’m like a real-life fitness Zagat book for NYC). So I thought it was time for a little updating.

Below is the initial list I created, updates in red.

  • Run a half marathon – Disney Princess Half Marathon 2011 (Why wait, crossed this off the list in September 2010 Philly Rock ‘N Roll half.)
  • Learn to box (I even have my own hand wraps… if I could only remember how to properly use them)
  • Destination bike ride – Maybe through Italy or Spain
  • Compete in a triathlon
  • Climb a rope
  • Compete in NYC’s UrbanDare adventure race
  • Go on a kayaking adventure
  • Go hiking (not overnight, just up and down a mountain in ONE day) Thanks to Birthright I hiked three legit mountains in Israel!
  • Learn to dance the Tango
  • Master a freestanding handstand in Yoga class
  • Finally master a kipping pull up (preferably without fracturing my wrist this time)
  • Try an AeroJump class
  • Compete in the Empire State Building Run Up (I’m tweaking this goal to the 66 flights at 30 Rock Climb instead)
  • Integrate Bikram yoga class into my weekly fitness routine
  • Master 20 consecutive double unders
  • Become certified in kettlebell training
  • Participate in RunAmuck
  • Run Race for the Cure every single year
  • Try running barefoot
  • Meditate for 10 minutes each day for a week straight (or I might go all Eat Pray Love on life)
  • Attend an outdoor yoga class (I’m signed up for two in June!)
  • Continue working out with awesome athletes and trainers (So far I’ve sweated with Dallas Cowboy Miles Austin, celeb trainers Gunnar Peterson, Harley Pasternak, Jennifer Galardi, Olympian Allison Baver on and Josh Duhamel… all since January) My hit list for this year: Brett Hoebel, Bob Harper, Kristin McGee, Valerie Walters

What I’ve already accomplished

  • Go scuba diving
  • Take a series on the Pilates Reformer
  • Only perform strict military style pushups
  • Try the Real Ryder spinning class
  • Try the Jukari Fit to Fly workout
  • Learn basic Olympic weightlifting moves (thanks CrossFit!)
  • Indoor rock climbing
  • Trapeze class
  • Swim with dolphins

What are some of the fitness things you want to accomplish this year?

I’d love to hear them… I’m always looking for new and challenging ways to stay fit!