Happy Sunday! As always, Links We Love brings you our favorite health and fitness information from around the web. This week, we're looking at unexpected ways to eat and indulge in our favorite foods: from creative ways to eat avocados to BYO happy hours. We want to spread the love and share kickass content in the wellness world, and here are our picks:

Unusual Uses for Avocados
It's not just for guacamole. From pasta sauces to smoothies, here are some unexpected ways to squeeze this superfruit into almost any meal. (via US News Health)

Links We Love: Food Hacks
Photo: Johnny Stiletto

How to Keep Bananas From Turning Brown
There's nothing worse than a banana gone bad. (Okay, maybe not, but...) The secret to keeping bananas fresh for longer may be as simple as some saran wrap. (via Be Well Philly)

Tips for Keeping Wine (and Yourself) Cool In the Heat
It's gettin' hot in here, so pour a glass of wine. Here are some tips for not only keeping wine chilled, but your body cool as well. (via Food52)

Links We Love: Food Hacks
Photo: James Ransom/Food52

Make This Weekend: BYO Happy Hour
Heading out for an outdoor festivity? With the help of the good ol' mason jar, you can bring the booze and (healthier) snacks with you. (via The Daily Muse)

The CSA Craze: Is It Really Worth the Money?
Fresh produce, straight to your door. Sounds magical — and healthy. But find out if it's worth the hefty price tag that can come with it. (via LearnVest)

Links We Love: Food Hacks

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