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This Sunday in Links We Love, Greatist brings you health and fitness inspiration and innovation from around the web. This week we have an infographic about what Americans actually spend their money on at the grocery store, and a list of awesome songs to listen to for Father’s Day. We want to show some love and share kick-ass content in the wellness world, so here are our picks:


10 Other Uses For the Treadmill — Run Reviews

Running on a treadmill is so last year. But skate training, NASCAR testing, and rehab for horses? Now that’s something worth heading to the gym for.


Are Sugar Substitutes Hiding In Your Food? — Well and Good NYC

Is “sugar-free” a spam on nutrition labels? Find out if there is actuallysome sneaky sugar in your favorite granola bar.


Sharing the Bed is Good For Your Health — The Wall Street Journal

One may not only be the loneliest number. So do your heart a favor and hop in bed with your beau. Just remember to get some sleep too, please!

Blog Spotlight

What America Spends on Groceries [Infographic] — NPR Planet Money

Back in the 80’s, people were mostly buying meat. And today? Processed foods. (Hello TV dinners!) Find out what we’re now spending our money on down the grocery aisle.

Grab Bag

The Best Songs About Dads — The Art of Manliness

It’s Father’s Day (don’t forget a card!). So grab your dad and listen to these tunes that channel the bond between a father and his child.