This Sunday in Links We Love, Greatist brings you health and fitness inspiration and innovation from around the web. Here is an amazing interview with a woman who ran across America and a TED talk on how to memorize a list of thousands of numbers. We want to show some love and share kick-ass content in the wellness world, so here are our picks:


What It’s Really Like To Run 3,000 Miles Across America — Blisstree

And you thought running a marathon was tough. Read this awesome interview with Katie Visco, who ran from the Atlantic to the Pacific in nine months.


Let Go of the Water Bottle. You’re Plenty Hydrated, People — TODAY Health

What happened to those eight glasses of water a day? A new study suggests perhaps we can put down the water glass.


Feats of Memory Anyone Can Do [Video] — TED

What the!? It doesn’t take super-human strength to memorize the order of one deck (or ten!) of cards. Find out how to work those memory muscles and really impress your friends.

Blog Spotlight

It’s Settled: Long-Term Extreme Endurance Exercise Is Not Heart Healthy — Dr. John M

Greatist Expert Dr. John Mandrola deconstructs a scientific study to discover if extreme endurance exercise can have its upper limit.

Grab Bag

32 Innovations That Will Change Your Tomorrow — The New York Times

Want a life without greasy bike chains, a cure for hangovers, and roller coasters with wings? Then start celebrating — this may be in our future!