As your relatable fitness, health, and happiness guide, we at Greatist strive to bring our readers amazing content on daily basis. Of course, not all of the best stuff comes from us! In this week’s link roundup, we highlight our favorite can’t-miss videos, articles, and opinions from the interwebz:

GOOD — The Cost of Being Female

A breakdown of how much the average woman spends on a lifetime of basic health care.

Glenn Pendlay — Deep Thoughts, and Some Not So Deep

An Olympic weightlifting coach shares his thoughts on the phrase “I can’t.”

Meat Eater’s Guide — Eat Smart

This guide analyzes how the greenhouse gas emissions of common foods affect the climate.

FORTUNE — McDonald’s Exec Takes Health Crusade Personally

McDonald’s U.S. President Jan Fields’ personal journey and its impact on the famed chain.

How I Changed My Life, Lost 50 lbs, and Started – Exercise

An inspiring & relatable story of a “tubby chess player to die-hard exerciser in 90 days.”

The New York Times — Snacks Of The Great Scribblers

Preferred munchies of some literary All-Stars.