As your relatable fitness, health, and happiness guide, we at Greatist strive to bring our readers amazing content on daily basis. Of course, not all of the best stuff comes from us! In this week’s link roundup, we highlight our favorite can’t-miss videos, articles, and opinions from the interwebz:

Grantland – Is the Fastest Human Ever Already Alive?

Usain Bolt is as fast as…thunder? Chuck Klosterman discusses what the future might look like for the record holder and fellow sprinters.

Catalyst Athletics – What’s In The Water?

What’er they putting in the water? One athlete’s reaction to and opinion of the risks of tap water consumption.

SparkPeople – 7 Good Reasons to Smile

Here’s a few bright reasons to flash those pearly whites.

Daily Burn – I Drank a Starbucks Trenta So You Don’t Have To

Daily Burn’s Kate Brown does, well, exactly what the title says.

The Atlantic – What Google’s Famous Cafeterias Can Teach Us About Health

Marion Nestle discusses Google’s innovative nutrition labeling and vending machines that charge extra for less healthy items.