Happy Sunday! As always, Links We Love brings you our favorite health and fitness inspiration from around the web. This week, we have great tips for how to make leftovers last even longer, and a study on the benefits of working out with a pal. We want to show some love and share kick-ass content in the wellness world, so here are our picks:

Partner LungeIllustration by Shannon Orcutt

Does Working Out With a Partner Affect Performance? — ACE Fitness

Being a social butterfly may have its advantages, especially at the gym. Research suggests a workout buddy could boost performance.


6 Tips to Make Your Holiday Leftovers Last Longer — Earth911

When making a meal for a holiday party, there is bound to be some leftover food. Learn the best ways to make the most out of what’s left on the dinner table.


Why I’m Adding Holiday Smells to Holiday Decorations — The Happiness Project

Scents and smells can have a major impact on our health and happiness. Here’s a reminder to grab some balsam firm and cinnamon scents to really feel the warmth of the holidays.

Blog Spotlight

A Toast to Winter Roasted Veggies — Chobani Blog

Veggies are great all year round — but something about them baked in the oven screams winter. To balance out all those holiday cookies, try this recipe that’s full of “nothing but good.”

Grab Bag

Treat Your Cold with Yoga — Prevention

There’s chicken noodle soup, plenty of rest, and…a yoga pose? Learn what gentle yoga moves may help battle winter sickness.

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