Happy Sunday! As always, Links We Love brings you our favorite health and fitness information from around the web. This week, we're looking at techy innovations: from spray-on fashion to freaky genetic portraits. We want to spread the love and share kickass content in the wellness world, and here are our picks:

These Kentucky Candles Will Make Your House Smell Like Fried Chicken
Rain water, rose petals… and fried chicken? Kentucky for Kentucky is out to indulge Southern nostalgia by creating candles that smell like Ale 8 soda, a Kentucky Derby mint julep, and yes, fried chicken. (via Fast Company)


The Edible Instagram
What do your everyday experiences taste like? That’s what U.K. company Boomf is out to find out, printing customers’ Instagram photos on edible marshmallow-like treats. (via The Atlantic)

The Pen is Mightier Than the Keypad
There are lots of benefits to writing by hand, like boosting creativity when we’ve got a mental block. To keep us scribbling, enter the Livescribe 3 smartpen, which records everything we write and draw in our iOS device. (via Slate)


This Spray-On Fabric is a Wardrobe in a Can
Experience the thrill of walking around in the nude without anyone knowing. One designer created spray-on clothing (a liquid made of cross-linked fibers attached by special polymers) that can be washed, re-worn and recycled. (via Smithsonian)

Genetic Portraits by Ulric Collette
Ever look in the mirror and see Mom or Dad staring back at you? Photographer and graphic designer Ulric Collette is out to prove the power of genetics by creating images made out of half the face of a younger generation and half the face of an older one. (via Bored Panda)

Genetic Portraits

Photo courtesy of Ulric Collette.

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