Happy Sunday! As always, Links We Love brings you our favorite health and fitness information from around the web. This week, we’re looking at yoga and fitness: from online yoga classes to controversial workout motivation. We want to spread the love and share kickass content in the wellness world, and here are our picks:

You Don’t Need a ‘Yoga Body,’ And Here is Why
One writer investigates the widespread idea that practicing yoga automatically leads to a certain kind of physique — and why that kind of thinking is dangerous. (via Bustle)

Photo by Colin Gould

5 Best Online Yoga Workouts
No time to make it to a yoga class this weekend? Try one of these online workouts that will both kick your butt and get you into your Zen zone. (via Blisstree)

A 17-Year-Old Russian Powerlifter With a Doll-like Face
Julia Vins is an attractive teenage girl, who also happens to be jacked. Why did the Internet react so strongly when she posted photos of herself working out? (via Bored Panda)

Why yoga is still dominated by women despite the medical benefits to both sexes
Dude, your down-dog is so hardcore. Find out why women still make up the majority of American yogis, and why the practice is gradually attracting more men. (via The Washington Post)

Maria Kang, ‘fit Facebook mom’ accused of fat-shaming with Facebook picture
The mother of three young kids moved some to outrage when she posted a photo of her fit bod, and a message that implied no one has a good enough “excuse” for not working out. (via Newsday)