Ready for some Friday R&R? Catch up on the latest and Greatist in fitness, health, and happiness with our weekly roundup of our most popular articles this week:

Rollerblading — This Week’s Grobby

Roll with the homies and check out this week’s Grobby (that’s Greatist lingo for hobby). A staple of the 1990s street scene, rollerblading can actually help strengthen a number of different leg muscles for a surprisingly intense workout.

Organic Alcohol: What It Is, How It’s Different, and Does It Really Prevent Hangovers?

Offering a supposedly “cleaner” product made without pesticides, fertilizers, or added chemicals, is paying a little extra for organic alcohols worth the switch?

How Often Should I Do Interval Training?

Whether you’re a newbie, workout regular, or straight-up guru, what’s the best way to integrate an interval training workout into a weekly routine? With input from Greatist experts Jen Cassetty, Matt Delaney, and Noam Tamir, we put the questions to rest— including a flowchart for easy-to-follow guidelines.

Dangerfood: Dried Fruit

Slightly sweet, chewy, and delicious, dried fruit may be a staple snack in that supposedly “healthy” lunchbox. But studies suggest dried fruit can actually contain so much added sugar and additives that the short list of health benefits may completely cancel out.

Do We Get Happier As We Age?

You old grump! Just kidding. Studies show that on average, people tend to feel happier after the age of 50 than when in their 20s, 30s, or 40s.