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4 High-Protein Smoothies With an Unexpected Ingredient

Hint: It's not protein powder.
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11 Whole30 Smoothies for When You're Sick of Making Eggs

The Whole30 diet just got a lot more... chill.
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Dairy-Free Smoothies You Can Spike

4 Dairy-Free Smoothies You Can Spike to Make a Boozy Shake

Because life is all about balance, and sometimes that means blueberries with a touch of booze.
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7 Dairy-Free Smoothies 3K

7 Dreamy Dairy-Free Smoothie Recipes

They're basically like slurping a milkshake that happens to be packed with nutrients.
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9 Green Smoothies That Don't Taste Green

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Pumpkin Pie Smoothie 13K

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Why bake when you can have this treat that tastes the same and is ready in 5 minutes?
54 Healthy Smoothies for Any Occasion 322K

54 Healthy Smoothies for Any Occasion

From pre- and post-workout to breakfast and dessert—we've got a smoothie recipe for every taste.
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The Smoothies That Juice Company Owners Make for Themselves

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Sweet Herbal Smoothie

Sweet Herbal Smoothie

This light, refreshing smoothie tastes terrific after a workout.
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