Searching for the perfect stock fitness photo can be seriously draining. The options are seemingly endless yet surprisingly slim. However in the end, there truly seems to be a stock photo for just about anything, no matter how specific.

Need images for that story on beach workouts? Not a problem. That round-up of dumbbell-and-stability-ball exercises? Here you go. But what were the creators of images like this envisioning? What possible story would this complement? We rounded up some of the weirdest, goofiest stock fitness photos we could find and tried to figure just what kind of content they were meant for.

The versatility of the little black dress is undeniable. Board meeting, cocktail party, diving practice, you name it. Bathing cap and heels sold separately.

Linda heard “performance review” and the rest is history.

Tennis apparel by Hot Topic.

The Only Outdoor Treadmill Workout You’ll Ever Need

Let me call you back in a sec. About to text someone from a kettlebell.

LOL! I’ve never laughed so hard reading a book upside down while bent in half!

Because no one likes a portly Santa! Oh wait…

Summer bodies are made in… infancy?

How I learned to hate cupcakes and cardio.

Excuse me while I slip into something a little more implausible.

Just a little something to spice up your nightmares.

A picture is worth a thousand problematic stereotypes.

Suspenders, canteen. You know, workout essentials.

If you’re going to deskercise, deskercise.

Game-changing fitness innovation: Ski boot running.

Never should’ve clicked “find a workout buddy” on

Get your head out of the gutter.


That day Mr. Butterscotch realized his dream as an Olympic hopeful in the synchronized trampolining event.

Captions by Maria Hart, Sally Tamarkin, and Abby Lerner.