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Let’s face it: First dates can be so awkward. Even if you memorized their Tinder profile (I know they like soccer, so I’ll bring up this hilarious David Beckham video), conversation can quickly fall flat. So most of us opt for some liquid courage and hope for the best. And if all else fails, we start to talk about the things around us, from the food we’re eating to the hockey game playing on the TV.

“It’s such an intense moment,” says Jacob Lenard, a product designer, on his experience on first dates. “There are a lot of emotions, and you’re not really sure what you want in the other person.” So Lenard took the issue of awkward first dates head on in his master’s thesis project, Across the Table.

Lenard asked friends and family to think of the things they look for when they first meet someone, such as eye contact, seamless conversation, and the feeling that you’re in tune with each other. Then he set out to create tableware to facilitate conversation as you dine with your new crush, including bowls with mirrored surfaces (there's no escaping their gaze) and napkins with questions like: "Would you want to be famous?" Click through the slideshow to check out all of the different pieces Lenard created, and let us know your reaction below!

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