Matt McGorry

Matt McGorry

Born and raised in Manhattan, Matt began his journey in the fitness and performance field at Peak Performance NYC at 14 years old. Matt was provided with a physically and educationally competitive environment that allowed him to quickly develop a great level of expertise by a young age. By the age of sixteen, Matt knew that he wanted to pursue a career in helping others reach their highest levels of physical achievement. Matt’s unique combination of education-based knowledge and practical application through his own training provides an unbeatable perspective that is hard to find. Always willing to put himself and his methods on the line, he has developed a great understanding of the mental and physical demands needed to create excellence. This understanding has led to his methods and writing being featured in various media outlets such as Men’s Health, Muscle & Fitness, Life & Style, Men’s Fitness as well as the television station NY1. His online works includes articles on, the web’s most reputable resource for physique and performance enhancement as well as an athlete sponsorship and position as Q&A staff member on, the number one resource for powerlifting and strength training information on the net.Matt has five years of study in various martial arts throughout New York City. By the time he was seventeen years old, he was given the rank of Assistant Instructor of Self Defense from the Real Fighting system. He is also a NY state, record-setting athlete in the USAPL, the number one drug-tested powerlifting federation in the U.S. He has competitive bests of a 400lb squat, 280lb bench and a 545lb deadlift in the 181lb class as well a 308lb bench press and 573lb deadlift in the 198lb class. In 2009, his deadlifts nationally ranked him at #38 in the 181lb and #40 in the 198lb unequipped classes. To see what "the other side" was like, he also competed in and won a natural bodybuilding competition. Matt has earned the title of Certified Fitness

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