Kelvin Gary

Kelvin Gary

Kelvin Gary is a New York City Based, NASM Certified, personal trainer and performance enhancement coach. After spending several years in corporate America, Kelvin decided to leave the suit and tie behind in exchange for running shoes and t-shirts. Kelvin turned his love for fitness and helping others be their best into a thriving personal training and performance coaching career. As personal trainer with two engineering degrees under his belt, Kelvin combines his problem solving mindset with his fitness knowledge to help his clients get results and perform better. He’s an avid cyclist and kettlebell junkie who specializes in whole body integration and functional training. Find out more at kelvingary.comKelvin’s Matra: “Life is short, live everyday with purpose.”My most troublesome weakness is... Not getting enough sleep and not taking time off. When you love what you do it’s hard to step away to rest. But we know that rest and sleep are important parts of the fitness equation. Sometimes, I have to force myself to sit down and chill out.I'm looking forward to learning more about… Everything…seriously. I think it’s important to know as much as you can about all aspects of fitness. It’s good to be a specialist in a small number of things while at the same time being well rounded.

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