Julie Mulcahy

Julie Mulcahy

Julie Mulcahy obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences in 1990 and Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy from University of Michigan in 1992. She has been practicing Physical Therapy for 19 years in the area of orthopedics, sports medicine and women’s health. She has also been an instructor for pre-natal and post-partum exercise classes. She has specialized education in the area of core strengthening, functional, sports specific training and spine rehabilitation. Julie has been a lifelong athlete and avid runner. She has special interest in the evaluation and treatment of running related injuries. She has participated in 3 marathons and triathlons. Being a working mother of four children, one of Julie’s greatest challenges is trying to fit marathon/triathlon training into a very busy schedule. Her mantra is “anyone can fit in time to exercise, anytime and anywhere...NO excuses. She is the expert PT consultant for #plankaday on Twitter.

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