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She Got Hate Mail for Wearing Leggings. See Her Incredible Response

The awful letter ignited a powerful response.
Black Mirror
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She Weighs the Same in Both Photos—the Change Is Something You Can't See

"Here's a reminder that you are 100% capable of changing how you see yourself."
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Lady Gaga Talks About Her Mental Illness for the First Time—and How She Copes

This video of her talking to LGBT homeless youth is giving us all the feels.
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Super-Fit Trainer Flaunts Her Cellulite

And isn’t that something we all want?
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What If You Celebrated Your Stretch Marks Instead of Hiding Them?

"These are not things to be ashamed of! It’s like having eyebrows or ears."
Sirens Motorcycle Club
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The Perfect Pep Talk for Anyone Who’s Felt Sh*tty in a Dressing Room

Because those shopping trips can ruin your week.
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Lena Dunham Wants You to Stop Giving People Sh*t for Taking Sick Days

Her response came after fans shamed her for skipping a book signing when she was ill.