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The Most Unlikely Thing Helped Me Love My Body
7 Bad Skin Care Habits You Don't Realize You Have

7 Bad Skin Care Habits You Don't Realize You Have

We've all been guilty of No. 3 at some point.
The author, Alexis, smiling for the camera in a black top and a baby pink motorcycle jakcet

Trauma Survivors Often Forget Important Details of Their Assaults. Here's Why

We can develop dissociative amnesia as a way of protecting ourselves.
The 10 Stages of Running a Half-Marathon

The 10 Stages of Running a Half-Marathon

When people ask if you'll run one again...
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10 GIFs That Explain What It's Like to Wear a Swimsuit in Public

There’s a huge difference between how you see yourself and how others see you.
Alexis and her super-cute dog
The author, Alexis, working out by a river

Peer Pressure Can Make You Healthier… Here's How

Turns out, not all peer pressure is bad peer pressure!
Growing Up Black in America

Growing Up Black in America, Where Pretty Doesn't Look Like You

I am tired of hearing the words "you’re pretty… for a black girl."
The author, Alexis Dent, and her dog Giant

My Emotional Support Animal Isn't the World's Cutest Scam—He's an Important Part of My Life

"Before Giant came into my life, there were mornings I couldn’t get out of bed."
Alexis Dent Before and After

I Looked Healthier Than Ever, but Inside, I Was Fighting to Feel Normal

"For months, I couldn’t escape the feeling of dread that followed me everywhere."