9 Everyday People Who Taught Us We Could Love Our Bodies in 2016

9 Everyday People Who Taught Us We Could Love Our Bodies in 2016

Get ready for a serious dose of inspiration.
Kayla Itsines
Empowering Instagram
proposal at the gym

Why Are We Grinning? Just Watching a Flash Mob Proposal at the Gym

We'd go to the gym a lot more if this kind of stuff happened.

Here's What Introverts Really Want for the Holidays

I'd like to be alone with my blanket, please.
Guy Live Tweets 2 Baristas Falling in Love

These Awkward Baristas Professing Their Love Is a Rom-Com IRL

And it has us feeling all warm and fuzzy.
clothing sizes are bs

Clothing Sizes Are BS: At One Store She’s a Size 5. At Another She’s a 12.

And this isn't The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

OK, Guys, Science Figured Out the Way to Give Gifts People Actually Like

Your friends won't have to pretend to like your presents anymore.
Looking at Your Ex’s New Fling’s Instagram Is Just “Research,” Right?

Looking at Your Ex’s New Fling’s Instagram Is Just “Research,” Right?

Is it really stalking if their Instagram is public?
Breast pump body shaming
Someone Updated “Baby It’s Cold Outside," So We're Not Singing About Date Rape
why can't men open up

Ikea Apparently Has a Product to Fix Every Relationship Problem

Because you know trips to the store always end in a fight.
Seeing the Things Trump Has Said About Women Painted on Women’s Bodies Is Sickening
Samantha Sex and the City

Here’s Exactly When Women Have the Most Intense Orgasms During Their Cycle

Plus, the day during your period when you really need to lay off the caffeine.
What We Wish the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Looked Like
kelley markland

She Got Hate Mail for Wearing Leggings. See Her Incredible Response

The awful letter ignited a powerful response.
Black Mirror
body posi panda instagram

She Weighs the Same in Both Photos—the Change Is Something You Can't See

"Here's a reminder that you are 100% capable of changing how you see yourself."
lena dunham red carpet
lady gaga video

Lady Gaga Talks About Her Mental Illness for the First Time—and How She Copes

This video of her talking to LGBT homeless youth is giving us all the feels.
jessi kneeland

Super-Fit Trainer Flaunts Her Cellulite

And isn’t that something we all want?
bad yogi

What If You Celebrated Your Stretch Marks Instead of Hiding Them?

"These are not things to be ashamed of! It’s like having eyebrows or ears."
Sirens Motorcycle Club
planking for pizza

The Perfect Pep Talk for Anyone Who’s Felt Sh*tty in a Dressing Room

Because those shopping trips can ruin your week.