Hanne Gaby Odiele

A Top Model Came Out as Intersex. Here's What the Term Really Means

Because it's a trait in nearly 1 of every 50 people.
Charity LeBlanc Does Yoga With Her Kids
7 Fish Pregnant Women Need to Avoid

7 Fish Pregnant Women Need to Avoid

Drop the swordfish, ladies.
Can You Tell Male and Female Nipples Apart? Because Instagram Only Bans One

We Bet You Can't Tell These Male and Female Nipples Apart

Spoiler: Instagram couldn't tell, either.
Alexandra Kilmurray

This Is What Post-Baby Bodies Really Look Like—Get Used to It

It only helps when more new moms share their photos and stories.
Jay Kennedy

We Don't Need This Guy to Say Plus-Size Is Sexy, but It Sure Doesn't Hurt

Don't let anyone ever tell you you're not desirable!
Sara Puhto

Here's Proof That Photos on Instagram Aren't Always What They Seem to Be

Angles, lighting, and filters can totally change the way you look.
Gylisa Jayne
Lizzy Howell

These Stunning Looks Show What Anxiety and Depression Feel Like

The #InsideOutChallenge uses makeup to show others what it feels like to live with mental illness.
Katie Karlson
Signs of Breast Cancer
The Worthy Project
Kendall Jenner Baker-Miller Pink

Kendall Jenner Says Her Pink Wall Makes Her Less Hungry. Here's the Science

Jenner teaches us an important lesson: Study findings don't always turn out to be true.
Krista Henderson

Plus-Size Triathlete Proves Most of Us Don't Know What Being Fit Looks Like

Because being healthy really has nothing to do with your body type.

Whole30 Was Named the Worst Diet—and That's Ridiculous

It's extreme, but it's not bad for you.
Old Marathoner
Show Your Skin
Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham Is Sick of Hearing She's Brave "to Show THAT Body on TV"

And, really, you should be sick of hearing this kind of stuff too.

We Need the Reminder That #GainingWeightIsCool When Everyone Is Busy Dieting

You actually have a lot to gain from putting on a few pounds.
Disney Princesses Working Out

Watching Disney Princesses Work Out Begs the Question: Which One Are You?

Do you go into beast mode like Belle or pass out on your yoga mat like Aurora?
Molly Galbraith

One Woman Totally Shuts Down the Idea of "Embracing Your Flaws"

Better pick another New Year's resolution.
Maddy Moon

The Dark Side of Competitive Fitness People Won't Talk About

One woman shares how the rigid meal and workout plans made it easy to hide her eating disorder.
Amanda Ramirez
monica and chandler in bed

Scheduling Sex With Your Partner Sounds Weird, but It Works

Technically it's called a "willingness window."