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March 2017 Vogue Cover

Why Is "Vogue" Trying to Make It Seem Like Ashley Graham Isn't Plus-Size?

Why couldn't we celebrate her size instead of hiding it?
Christie Brinkley

Why Christie Brinkley Posing for SI's Swimsuit Issue at 63 Is a Big Deal

Yes, she's thin and traditionally beautiful, but she's still breaking barriers.
Ladies, Tell Your Man It's Time for Him to Take Birth Control
Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham Shares the Unhealthy Way She Lost Weight

Stress can really mess up your appetite.
Bullet Journal
Chocolate Cake
Dana Patterson
Finally, Models Call Out Fashion Week for Promoting Disordered Eating

Finally, Models Call Out Fashion Week for Promoting Disordered Eating

And they've got a clever way to convince designers to listen.
Mariah Carey
Beyoncé Ego

Pornhub Wants to Teach You About Sex, but Not in the Way You're Thinking

Aw, man—it's like we're in seventh grade all over again.
These Stunning Photos Prove Plus-Size Bodies Are Works of Art
body shaming meme
Kenzie Brenna

This Woman Hated Her Loose Skin. Here's What She Did to Start Embracing It

It's OK to love your body, squishy parts and all.
Milly Smith

Go Ahead and Wear Spanx, but Don’t Squirm at the Photo on the Right

We're all for self-confidence, but not when it comes at a cost.
Lauren Ferris
Iskra Lawrence

Iskra Lawrence Is Done Hiding This Body Part

Here's why she thinks it's unfair to us.
Michelle Elman
Mama Cax
Painful Sex

A Truly Shocking Number of Women Find Sex Painful

And it's not only medical conditions that are to blame.
plus-size models
Megan Jayne Crabbe

If This Woman Can Feel Sexier in the Photo on the Right, You Can Too

It doesn't have to be about lacy lingerie. Not anymore.
Kirsten Bosly

Anyone Who Hates Getting Their Photo Taken Needs to Hear This Woman’s Story

It'll stop you from being camera shy in the future.
ordyn McGeachin