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Getting Started With Running? 3 Badass Female Marathoners Share Their Tips
Lita Lewis doing ladder squats
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5 Reasons to Run That Have Nothing to Do With Weight Loss

5 Reasons to Run That Have Nothing to Do With Weight Loss

I strongly believe in running for reasons that don’t involve trying to control or punish my body.
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The Overlooked Yoga Poses That 4 Experts Swear By

It's not all about impressive arm balances and gravity-defying moves.
Women working out on pilates reformers
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Woman using the TRX Home2 System

TRX Gets an Upgrade. Here's How It Can Take Your Workouts to the Next Level

It's basically an entire gym—and a trainer—in a box.
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26 Pro Tips to Push Past Every Single Running Roadblock

Because your runs can't always be the opening scene from "Chariots of Fire."
Jessamyn Stanley Yoga for Period Cramps

8 Yoga Moves to Help Ease Period Cramps

Don't let menstruation get in the way of your flow.
Man sprinting up bleacher stairs
Turkey Trot
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This Upper-Body Workout Builds Strength With Small Moves

Who knew scapular push-ups were a thing?
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3 Fitness Goals You Need to Ditch Immediately, According to a Pro

Holding yourself to impossible standards is probably holding you back.
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7 Moves to Make Your Elliptical Workout Legit

The elliptical doesn't have to be the basic b*tch of workout machines.
Candice Huffine running in her P.S You Got This leggings
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Do You Really Need to Do 20-Mile Runs When Training for a Marathon?

Stop focusing on mileage and concentrate on this instead.
The Crazy Thoughts That Go Through Your Head Before a Morning Workout
13 Bottoms-Up Kettlebell Exercises That Build Shoulder Strength and Stability

13 Kettlebell Exercises for a Serious Shoulder Workout

I put my thing down, flip it, and reverse it.
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3 Classic Moves for a Total-Body Burn

At least you can stretch out beside the crackling fireplace after.
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The Best Free Workout Videos on YouTube 89K