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HIIT classes, weight lifting, indoor cycling—no matter your workout of choice, one thing's for sure: Resting isn’t just a welcome break, it's a necessity to keep you fit and healthy.

In this quick video, Grokker trainer Kelly Lee takes you through a series of static stretches and self-myofascial release techniques to target every major muscle group. Studies show these stretches can help improve range of motion, decrease muscle soreness, and even relieve back pain.Specific and cross over effects of massage for muscle soreness: randomized controlled trial. Jay K, Sundstrup E, Søndergaard SD. International journal of sports physical therapy, 2014, Feb.;9(1):2159-2896. Comparing the effects of self-myofascial release with static stretching on ankle range-of-motion in adolescent athletes. Škarabot J, Beardsley C, Štirn I. International journal of sports physical therapy, 2015, Apr.;10(2):2159-2896. All you need is a lacrosse ball (or any sports ball with a little give), a resistance band (or belt), and a mat. Focus on breathing deeply, but most of all, relax and enjoy!

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