Sometimes you need to feel the burn to feel like you got a good workout, right? While it's good to incorporate high intensity exercise into your routine, it's also important to perfect your form. This beginner workout will help you do just that and build strength at the same time.


This 30-minute series is designed to help you build a strong training foundation with the proper techniques. You'll perform the moves slowly and deliberately to make sure you're engaging the right muscles. Each exercise is a functional movement (i.e., moves you actually use every day, like lifting grocery bags, walking up stairs, or squatting to sit in a chair). Whether you're just getting started, coming back from an injury, or want to refocus on your form, this routine has something for everyone.

Grab an exercise mat (a set of 5 to 10 pound dumbbells is optional), then get back to the basics below.

To recap: You will need an exercise mat. One set of 5 to 10 pound dumbbells is optional. Each move is performed for about 30 seconds. You will repeat the workout a total of three times.


Arm Circle
Side Plank (both sides)
Single Leg Bridge
Spiderman Stretch


Single Leg Arm Raise
Single Leg Squat
Single Leg Row
Single Leg Lunge With Row and Kickback
Front Lunge With Rotation and Press
Squat Jump


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