There are plenty of reasons to go to a SoulCycle class: The boutique indoor cycling studios offer a calorie-torching, full-body workout on a stationary bike, plus chill vibes and inspiring instructors. But the main reason we keep going back? The ridiculously amazing playlists. We swear the instructors could moonlight as DJs with the way the bumpin’ beats get us dropping dance floor moves (despite being clipped into our bikes).

Turns out, the instructors spend a lot of time figuring out the perfect songs to make classes fun and push you harder. Allison Santini, an instructor at the SoulCycle studio in Coral Gables, FL, says she looks for songs riders will recognize and ones with heavy bass drops, which are very motivating.

“I like to use songs that have relatable lyrics,” Santini says. “This helps my riders become more vulnerable in the room, which is when I often see their emotion pushing them further than they originally thought they could go.”

Santini’s 45-minute playlist below is perfect for an indoor cycling class, but can be used for any type of workout, from running to lifting weights. It has a slow build, some pump-up songs in the middle, and ends with some mellow tunes as you cool down and stretch. Just press the play button and get moving!