Turns out that workouts don’t have to be super long to be super effective. High intensity intervals like Tabata training require intense effort for a short period of time and studies have shown that these quick but vigorous workouts provide all the health and fitness benefits of traditional endurance trainingSprint interval and endurance training are equally effective in increasing muscle microvascular density and eNOS content in sedentary males. Cocks, M., Shaw, C.S., Shepherd, S.O., et al. Journal of Physiology 2013 Feb 1;591(Pt 3):641-56.Similar metabolic adaptations during exercise after low volume sprint interval and traditional endurance training in humans. Burgomaster, K.A., Howarth, K.R., Phillips, S.M., et al. Journal of Physiology 2008 Jan 1;586(1):151-60.Effects of moderate-intensity endurance and high-intensity intermittent training on anaerobic capacity and VO2max. Tabata, I., Nishimura, K., Kouzaki, M., et al. Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise 1996 Oct;28(10):1327-30.Metabolic profile of high intensity intermittent exercises. Tabata, I., Irisawa, K., Kouzaki, M., et al. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 1997 Mar;29(3):390-5.. All the fitness bennies in a fraction of the time? Not too shabby.

We asked Greatist Expert Eugene “Bo” Babenko to come up with a super quick andunbelievably simple workout that would challenge exercisers of all levels. Babenko designed a six-and-a-half-minute workout named after (and the same length as) the Eagles song “Hotel California.” If you’ve got seven minutes and a pair of dumbbells, this workout is for you.

To up the intensity/challenge, just do the workout a few times in row. Bonus: Ditch the stopwatch and play on repeat (scroll down for a handy embedded player). Now you’ve got yourself a workout timer and a playlist.

Need a quick dumbbell how-to? Check out Greatist Expert Jessi Kneeland demo-ing proper technique and movement for this workout!