Turns out that workouts don't have to be super long to be super effective. High intensity intervals like Tabata training require intense effort for a short period of time and studies have shown that these quick but vigorous workouts provide all the health and fitness benefits of traditional endurance training Sprint+interval+and+endurance+training+are+equally+effective+in+increasing+muscle+microvascular+density+and+eNOS+content+in+sedentary+males.+Cocks,+M.,+Shaw,+C.S.,+Shepherd,+S.O.,+et+al.+Journal+of+Physiology+2013+Feb+1;591(Pt+3):641-56. Similar+metabolic+adaptations+during+exercise+after+low+volume+sprint+interval+and+traditional+endurance+training+in+humans.+Burgomaster,+K.A.,+Howarth,+K.R.,+Phillips,+S.M.,+et+al.+Journal+of+Physiology+2008+Jan+1;586(1):151-60. Effects+of+moderate-intensity+endurance+and+high-intensity+intermittent+training+on+anaerobic+capacity+and+VO2max.+Tabata,+I.,+Nishimura,+K.,+Kouzaki,+M.,+et+al.+Medicine+&+Science+in+Sports+and+Exercise+1996+Oct;28(10):1327-30. Metabolic+profile+of+high+intensity+intermittent+exercises.+Tabata,+I.,+Irisawa,+K.,+Kouzaki,+M., +et+al.+Medicine+&+Science+in+Sports+&+Exercise+1997+Mar;29(3):390-5.. All the fitness bennies in a fraction of the time? Not too shabby.

We asked Greatist Expert Eugene "Bo" Babenko to come up with a super quick and unbelievably simple workout that would challenge exercisers of all levels. Babenko designed a six-and-a-half-minute workout named after (and the same length as) the Eagles song "Hotel California." If you've got seven minutes and a pair of dumbbells, this workout is for you.

To up the intensity/challenge, just do the workout a few times in row. Bonus: Ditch the stopwatch and play on repeat (scroll down for a handy embedded player). Now you've got yourself a workout timer and a playlist.

Workout and Playlist In One: Your 6.5 Minute Dumbbell Routine

Need a quick dumbbell how-to? Check out Greatist Expert Jessi Kneeland demo-ing proper technique and movement for this workout!

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