Pilates is known for building a crazy-strong core, and since a strong core is the foundation for almost every bodyweight and strength exercise out there, give your abs some extra attention with this quick but killer 20-minute Pilates workout.

These 10 moves are low impact, but that doesn’t mean they’re low effort. You’ll perform each one very slowly and deliberately to strengthen every single muscle in your core, which is harder than it looks. But don’t stress; this sequence is great for beginners and offers options to make certain moves harder as you get stronger. An exercise mat is optional. If you want to make one move (the WundaTwist) more challenging, grab two paper plates or a set of sliders. Then hit play to get started.

To recap: An exercise mat is optional. For the advanced WundaTwist, you’ll need a set of paper plates or sliders.

Forearm Plank
WundaTwist (left)
Plié With Tick Tock Side Bend
WundaTwist (right)
Side Plank (right)
Parallel Squat (feet 4 inches apart)
Side Plank (left)
Rolling Like a Ball
Reverse Pilates Push-Up
Plank with Alternating Side Step
Down Dog With Leg Lift/Torso Rotation

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