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The Total-Body Rowing Workout That Anyone Can Do

Your lower body doesn’t get enough credit. During workouts where you’re building strength in your arms or tightening your abs, your legs are holding you up the entire time. From your ankles to knees to hips, each joint in your lower body provides mobility and stability so you can do everything from climb stairs to balance in tree pose.

Bottom line: Your legs, hips, and glutes deserve some TLC. That’s where this latest workout from Grokker, led by certified trainer Jamie McFaden, comes in. For 20 minutes, you’ll focus on stretching and building muscle in all of the lower body’s major muscle groups. You won’t need any equipment for this routine, which includes lunges, squat variations, and energizing donkey kicks (trust us, you’re going to love that move).

There’s a warm-up and cool-down included, so when you’re ready to start, just hit play below.

To recap, here’s a complete list of the moves you’ll do. Perform each move for 30 seconds, and don’t forget to repeat the entire circuit.



Backward Arm Circle

Hamstring Curl

Greek Shuffle

Toe Tap

Jumping Jack


Plié Squat with Calf Raise

Monkey Squat

Bicycle Buffer

Get-Lean Lift

Deep Squat

Side Lunge

Bridge with Single-Leg Lift

Donkey Kick

(Repeat the circuit one more time)


Runner’s Lunge

Hamstring Stretch

Triangle Pose

(Repeat on the other side)

Deep Breath

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