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Your core muscles are involved in almost every movement of the human body. So it's safe to say that core training is an important part of any workout. You don't need us to tell you (again) that crunches aren't the best way to build core strength, but you might need some suggestions for superior alternatives. That's where this abs workout from Grokker comes in.

Join LeJon Guillory, a certified kickboxing instructor, for a high-energy, 20-minute workout. Tack this on to your normal cardio routine, or do it as a stand-alone workout when you're pressed for time. All you need is one heavy dumbbell or kettlebell, plus a mat or carpet for crunches. (Don't worry, that's not all you'll do!). Warm up first, then hit play when you're ready.

Side Bend
Twist With Weights
Scissor Kick
Figure-Four Crunch
Heel Tap
Scissor Kick

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