Our bodies were made to move, which is why sitting for a good portion of your day—at a desk, behind the wheel, or plopped in front of the televison—is no bueno, no matter how active you are. With time, you’ll start feeling tightness in your shoulders, neck, wrists, and lower back. But here’s the good news: Taking a quick break to walk around the office or do some simple stretches like the ones in this 6-minute video can keep tightness at bay and keep you moving throughout the day.

This yoga-inspired series features 7 stretches that will help alleviate tightness in your neck, shoulders, and wrists, and relieve the strain in your eyes from staring at a screen all day. You don’t even have to get up from your desk to do them. Whether you rarely work out or exercise every day, you’ll reap the benefits of these time-efficient stretches. All you need is a sturdy, comfortable chair to get started. Then hit play.

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