On September 28 of last year, Marlee Grace committed to a daily dance practice. Lucky for us, she posts every routine on Instagram. As she says, she plans on dancing every day "until [her] heart stops beating."

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All of the playful routines are made up on the spot and set to her favorite tune du jour (from Bieber to Beyoncé to Earth, Wind & Fire).

"Improvisation is what fits with me, what is most natural to my body, and how I process being alive," Grace says. The commitment to bust a move every day simply came out of her desire to dive deeper into her dance practice, she says. (She has a BFA in Dance from the University of Michigan.) "Something about a daily ritual works really well for me. I have a morning ritual of journaling three pages and pulling a tarot card. I just do them every single day."

She keeps herself accountable by posting the mini performances online—and oh, are we glad she does. Watch some of our favorite videos below and follow her for daily inspiration to let loose and just be yourself.

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