There are lots of badass yogis out there, but this is a whole new level of awesome. Dan Nevins, an army veteran, lost both his legs after complications from injuries sustained while on active duty in Iraq. He’s never let that hold him back and has biked across the country and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. But it was yoga that helped Nevins address his emotional issues from post-combat stress.

He admits it took him a while to get hooked. At first Nevins found yoga painful and frustrating, but after he became comfortable taking off his prosthetics and got over what he calls the “man bun and spandex stereotype,” he fell in love with it. Now he’s an instructor, spreading the message that yoga really is for everyone and is an especially great outlet for veterans dealing with emotional stress. Check out our favorite photos of Nevins showing off some sweet yoga poses below and follow him on Instagram for a dose of inspiration.

(h/t BuzzFeed)