When you get in the zone during yoga class, it’s all too easy to focus on flow over form. The result? A breath-driven workout filled with misaligned poses that don’t do much for your body.

That’s why I’ve created a series of 60-second yoga fixes for Greatist. In less than one minute, I’ll give super-simple, step-by-step tips to improve alignment and positioning to help you get the most out of each pose.

This video demos the proper way to do chaturanga dandasana, one of the foundational poses that strengthens your arms and abdominals, preparing your body for inversions and arms balances. It requires a lot of strength, and can result in shoulder injuries if done incorrectly over time, so feel free to modify by dropping your knees.

Fix 1: From plank, shift your weight forward so your elbows are at a 90-degree angle over your wrists as you lower down.

Fix 2: Think of pulling up through your abs and legs so your shoulders stay in line with the elbows. Don’t let your chest sag toward to floor.

Fix 3: Keep your elbows close to your body, not splaying out to the side.

Fix 4: If needed, drop to your knees as you build strength in your abs and upper body. Better to modify than risk injury!

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