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33 Cardio-Based Bodyweight Exercises

If we’re looking for a great upper-body workout, we usually expect that we’ll need dumbbells, resistance bands, or kettlebells. But we have some awesome news: You don’t need any equipment for this 20-minute workout that seriously strengthens your arms, shoulders, and back.

Follow along as Jaime McFaden, a personal trainer at Grokker, shares the best bodyweight exercises for defined arms and shoulders. You’ll do push-ups, dips, planks, and even animal-inspired moves like “bird dog” and “bear crawl” to work your muscles to the max. The circuit ends with a relaxing cool-down stretch and will leave you feeling stronger and more energized by the end. Ready? Just press play.

Here’s the full recap:

Perform each move for 30 seconds.


Step-Tap Reaches

Toe Taps

Jumping Jacks

Arm Circles/Shoulder Rolls

Hip Rolls

Hamstring Curls

Circuit (repeat for two rounds total):



Plank Jacks

Reverse Plank


Bird Dog

Bear Crawls

Punch Combo

Cool Down:

Runner’s Lunge

Hamstring Stretch

Triangle Pose

Switch Sides

Deep Breaths

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