Whether you’re a prima ballerina or lifelong wallflower, there’s one thing you have to admit: Dancers are killer athletes. One look at their perfect balance of strength, flexibility, and agility, and it’s clear we could all benefit from an hour or two at the barre.

Thanks to this week’s Grokker workout, you can pick up some of that technique right at home. In the 20-minute ballet barre-meets-Pilates workout led by instructor Lottie Murphy, you’ll strenghten your legs, arms, and core—all while focusing on good posture and perfect alignment. The moves might look simple, but keep up with the video, and we promise you’ll feel the burn (holding your arms up to the sides is way more challenging than we thought!).

You won’t need a thing for this workout except a mat and some focus. After all, these small movements work best when you keep all of your muscles constantly engaged. When you’re ready, press play to start.