At first glance, this workout doesn’t look too intense. But don’t be fooled—this barre-inspired seat routine will make your butt burn, especially if you keep the movements as small and controlled as possible.

For this 10-minute routine, start in a modified bridge pose, without lifting your hips. You’ll focus on tiny, one-inch pulses (called isometric movements) that sculpt and strengthen the seat. Sure, there are fancier workouts with Jane Fonda-esque moves or standing exercises at a ballet barre, but this routine, based on my Bar Method classes, is my personal favorite—and the one clients say gives them the best burn.

Plus, you don’t need any equipment, and you won’t worry about straining your lower back or neck. Here, it’s just you, your butt, and the floor. And since everything else is stable, you can work your rear even harder.

One more bonus: I created a Spotify soundtrack to go along with the workout and help you power through the burn! Just press play when I say so in the video.

Follow these tips to make the most of this bass-sculpting session:

  1. Keep your back on the mat. Your shirt should be on the ground the whole time—only the waistband of your pants lifts off the floor. The movement should feel tiny.
  2. Exhale each time you squeeze your cheeks. Focus on drawing your abs down.
  3. Press your hands or elbows into the mat. This will help stabilize you and help you squeeze deeper.
  4. Squeeze your cheeks toward the midline. Keep them clenched the whole time—just squeeze harder with each pulse.
  5. Stretch. Do hip-opening poses like pigeon when you’re done to help counteract the intensity of the workout.
  6. Have fun!