When you’re watching Netflix, 30 minutes doesn’t feel like much time at all. But at the gym, it can seem like an eternity. That’s why HIIT workouts are basically our fitness savior. Interval-based training, especially when it combines cardio and strength moves, seriously makes time fly.

Here’s a killer HIIT circuit that’s super efficient, works your entire body, and burns tons of calories. Follow along as Sarah Kusch, a certified trainer and Grokker expert, performs an intense interval routine full of plyometrics, strength work, and cardio moves. And when the 30 minutes are up, you’ll be stronger—and more sweaty—than you ever thought possible in that amount of time.

Grab a medium and heavy set of dumbbells and press play when you’re ready to get to work. Find a complete list of the exercises you’ll perform below.

Start with a 3 1/2-minute warm-up. Perform the following exercises in order for one minute each. Finish with a 2 1/2-minute cool-down.

Curtsy Lunge with Hourglass Rotation
Plie Squat with Alternating Rotation
Overhead Triceps Extension Pullover with Reverse Lunge
Speed Skater with Elbow Drive
Twisting Jump Squat
Front to Lateral Raise
Lunge Row
Squat Halo Twist with Chop
Alternating High Knees with Crunch
Lunging Tap Down
Squat Rotating Press
Frog Squat
Overhead Rotating Chop with Lunge
Close and Wide Runner
Front Curl to Lateral Curl to Press
One-Leg Row
Squat Side Crunch
Broad Jump with Star Jump Back
Front Kick

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