Even if you’ve never picked up a kettlebell before, there’s never been a better time to start. This multitasking tool is great for targeted strength-training exercises (think: overhead presses and rows) and practicing dynamic moves that work your whole body, like the kettlebell swing.

You don’t need a long workout to reap the benefits of kettlebell training. This 15-minute routine was created exclusively for Greatist by Katie Bergstrom, a trainer from The Refine Method in New York City. It’s just five moves, but don’t be fooled; you’ll feel the burn from head to toe!

Not Familiar With a Move? This Will Help

1. Push-Up to High-to-Low Plank: Perform a push-up. From the top of your push-up position, keeping your body straight, lower onto your right forearm. Now lower onto your left forearm so you’re in a forearm plank. Push back up to your hands one side at a time (left then right) to return to start position. After your next push-up, alternate by lowering on to your left forearm first. See a demonstration of a high-to-low plank.

2. Alternating Jumping Lunge: See a video demonstration here.

3. Burpee: Check out this guide on how to do the perfect burpee and see a video demonstration here.

4. Kettlebell Row: See a video demonstration.

5. Kettlebell Swing: Check out this guide on how to do the perfect kettlebell swing and see a video demonstration here.