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Man Meditating in Grassy Field
A Nutritionist's Advice on How to Eat Whatever You Want Over the Holidays
Feeling Scattered? These 7 Visualizations Can Help You Focus

Feeling Scattered? These 7 Visualizations Can Help You Focus

Because that to-do list isn't going to finish itself.
woman meditating

Meditation Really Is As Good As Your Crunchy Friends Say

You're not your anxiety or depression.
Bullet Journal
Seoul Space Out Competition

If You're a Pro at Doing Nothing, This South Korean Sport Is for You

Sitting on the couch and playing video games doesn't count.
Recolor App Coloring Page

Turn Your Phone Into a Coloring Book With This Free App

It's perfect for catching a moment of Zen on the go.
Manduka Prolite Mat

This Is the Last Yoga Mat You'll Ever Buy

It's super high quality and comes with a lifetime warranty.
Why living presently is bad advice.

Why "Living in the Moment" Is Bad Advice

Forget what you've been told about staying focused on the present.
How to Reflect on Your Year

How to Reflect on Your Year in an Actually Useful Way

Just grab a pen and paper to get started.
6 Breathing Exercises to Relax in 10 Minutes or Less 186K

6 Breathing Exercises to Relax in 10 Minutes or Less

Finding time to unwind isn't always easy. But relief could be just a few breaths away.
Meditation on Beach 3K

What 15 Top Meditation Experts Struggled With Most as a Beginner

Their refreshingly honest stories and practical advice will help you overcome obstacles of your own.
Greatist and KIND Snacks Reconnect Movement 7K

Join the Reconnect Movement!

Sometimes you have to disconnect to rediscover the things that truly matter.
Mindfulness Feature
Tips for Breathing in Every Type of Exercise 7K
Person on a Cell Phone
We can choose happiness in this moment. 1K
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5 Meaningful, Science-Backed Tips to Reduce Back-to-School Stress
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The New Rules for New Year's Resolutions
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Learning to Love Silence: Life-Changing Meditation
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