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Why Do People Cheat—and Are We Wired To?

Why Do People Cheat—and Are We Wired To?

What difference do your genes really make?
Man and woman sitting together

Why We Stay With People Who Are Bad for Us

Have you ever tried to fix an old relationship during your current one?
Couple in Love
Jagger and her husband

The Challenges of Being an Interracial Couple in America's Whitest City

"Even though race comes up, it’s not what defines how we feel about each other."
So... What's Polyamory? Allow This Comic to Explain
Jordan, the author, with her husband, Joey

The Things You Do and Don’t Miss Out on by Marrying Your First Love

"By settling down so young, I learned the importance of not settling down at all."
couple before after
6 Things You Think You Know About Long-Distance Relationships but Don't

You’re Getting Long-Distance Relationships All Wrong

It's not just love on the weekends.
The author, Alia, on her wedding day, looking not especially excited to be there
Kilby, the author, and her wife, Lindsay
What I Learned About Relationships After Ending My Engagement

What I Learned About Relationships After Ending My Engagement

Here are the lessons I took with me when I gave back the ring.
We Didn't Expect to Tear Up at a Chipotle Ad, but Here We Are
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How to Stop Thinking About Your Ex—and Move On for Good

Stop reliving past regrets and start living your life now.
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How to Stop Feeling Desperate When You're Single

No, all the good ones are not already "taken."
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Am I Just Bored or Should We Break Up?

We asked a relationship expert how to know when to cut ties or suck it up and stick it out.
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First Date Conversations

The 9 Worst Things to Talk About on a First Date

Was it something I said? (Maybe.)
The Scientific Reason You Feel So Sh*tty After a Breakup
How to Get Over a Breakup: Girl Texting at Bar

Is It Ever OK to Stay in Touch With Your Ex?

The three things you should consider before cutting ties.
Lie about Your Lover

Being a Little Delusional About Your Sig O Can Be a Good Thing

Telling yourself you've met the guy or gal of your dreams could make you happier.
It's Actually Kind of Stalkerish

Why Rom-Coms Can Be Dangerous (Beyond Unrealistic Expectations)

Those over-the-top gestures may impact our perception of stalking.
Punny Valentine's Day Instagrams

The Top 7 Punny Valentines From Around the Web

Perusing these will make you LOL. Donut be shy—share the love.
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10 Ways to Seriously Improve Your Dating Success

Tired of Tinder? Bummed about Bumble? Chances are, you need to take this advice to heart.
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Yes, Being Vulnerable Is Terrifying—But Here's Why It's So Worth It

Afraid to ask for what you really want? This one's for you.
The Upside of Breaking Up

Breakups Suck—But Here's the Awesome Silver Lining

See how the experience can catapult you into happiness.