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A Black woman doing her skin care routine

Black Don’t Crack (and 4 Other Black Skin Care Myths You Shouldn’t Believe)

"Black may not crack, but it sure does fold!" —Dr. Carter
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A woman looking focused

3 Doable Ways to Make Real, Positive Change in Your Life

Amazing things can happen when you focus on YOU.
You Can Stop Stress Acne (Even If You Can't Totally Stop Stress)
What Are Medicinal Mushrooms—and Should You Be Eating Them?
A woman and man talking over coffee

3 Little Words That Can Help You Connect With Everyone

Empathy > basically everything else
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8 Drug-Free Ways to Calm Anxiety in Minutes

This one .GIF is... weirdly relaxing.
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The Most Helpful Advice a Doctor Ever Gave Me About Losing Weight

Unsurprisingly, it is not "eat less, move more."
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Forget What You’ve Heard—Here’s the Truth About CBD Oil

Here's what it's been proven to do—and what it hasn't.
4 Very Small Changes That Can Have a Big Impact on Your Energy

4 Very Small Changes That Can Have a Big Impact on Your Energy

Tiny daily rituals can elevate the control we exercise over our own lives.
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8 Everyday Habits Super-Successful People Swear By

8 Everyday Habits Super-Successful People Swear By

Procrastinators, we got you.
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So They’re Not Into You? That Sucks. Read This

Knowledge is power—even though it sometimes stings.
Does Sex Help With Period Cramps? And Other Sex Questions, Answered
Goby Toothbrush

The Electric Toothbrush That Made Me a Better Brusher

If you're gonna use something twice a day, you might as well love it.
I've Spent 10 Years as a Wellness Writer. This Is the Best (and Worst) Advice I've Heard
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13 Simple Ways to Improve Your Self-Esteem

No. 11 is SO hard and SO important.
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So, so much gluten. like every type of gluten.

The Dangers of Going Gluten-Free When You Don't Actually Need To

Going unnecessarily gluten-free isn't great for your heart.
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