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Why Drinking Again Was the Right Choice for Me

"My 49th birthday seemed a good day to start drinking again, despite being warned not to."
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The Absolute Best Way to Get Your Relationship Out of a Sex Rut

54% of couples report being dissatisfied in the bedroom.
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5 Ways to Save Money for What Matters Most to You

Spend according to your values.
Hydrating Sheet Mask Options

The Best Hydrating Sheet Masks Under $10

Your skin gets extra thirsty in the winter.
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The 41 Best Health and Fitness Apps

Get those thumbs ready.
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How to Go Natural (and Actually Succeed This Time)

Give your hair the TLC it truly deserves in 2019.
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Is Your Workplace Toxic or Does It Just Suck?

Sometimes, you really can't think of a single good thing about your job.
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15 Gifts You Can Print Out the Day Before

Procrastinators, we have your back.
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Ask Yourself This One Question to See Life More Clearly

Better clarity, better shot at happiness.
Beauty Hacks For Lazy People

9 Easy Beauty Hacks for Lazy People Who Want to Look Good

Half of them can be done from your bed.
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DIY Money-Saving Gifts You Can Make in Bulk

14 Last-Minute DIY Gifts That'll Save You Money

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Simple Tricks to Revive Meh Skin

Super-Easy Ways to Solve Common Skin Problems

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The Best Ways to Delay Your Orgasm

And it goes on and on and on and on.
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Does Peeing After Sex Really Help UTIs?

Does Peeing After Sex Really Help Stop UTIs?

One in three women will take antibiotics for a UTI by age 24.
The Steps You Really Shouldn't Skip in Your Beauty Routine

The Steps You Really Shouldn't Skip in Your Beauty Routine

No more excuses for falling asleep with your makeup on.