When you’re down for the count with the flu or strep throat, you probably call in sick. But would you take a sick day to go to your regular checkups at the doctor and dentist? Probably not. That’s why Zocdoc came up with the idea of an unsick day, where companies offer employees at least one paid day off every year for annual checkups.

Zocdoc knows it’s hard to make time for these appointments. In a recent survey the company conducted, three in five respondents said they don’t feel comfortable leaving work for preventative checkups. And more than half think doing so would stop them from getting a promotion.

Dozens of companies (including Greatist) have already taken the pledge to offer employees unsick days. You can make a difference at your company. Fill out this handy form and Zocdoc will anonymously reach out to your employer to talk about the benefits of offering unsick days.